Audi R7 Sportback RS7 on the Roads

Nowadays it can be difficult to know which brand launches the best car, and there is a fierce competition for safety, speed, comfort, and even gadgetry and technological innovations that bring drivers into the future. Nevertheless, this competition is a good sign that quality will always be in the back of the minds of auto manufacturers, especially for brands like Audi, which have a reputation to uphold. Today we’re going to talk about the Audi R7 Sportback RS7, the latest addition to luxury speed cars.

Audi Sportback RS7 Audi Sportback RS7 picture

First, we want to talk about the exterior design of the Audi R7 Sportback RS7, which in all honesty, is not that different from the RS6. With very fluid and wavy lines, the RS7 is still quite bulky; it has a powerful front design with sleek headlights, and it is a four-door car, like expected. There is a lot of talk behind the fact that Audi launched their new RS7 soon after BMW launched their own V8-engined, four-door-coupe-saloon, but since when to marketing strategies surprise us? These large corporations probably know what each other is up to, and launching similar cars together ensures that none of them receives more attention than the other, so the competition gets to be quite fair-play. Gossip aside, we know you’re probably more interested in what this baby can do, so we’ll jump right to the stats.

You will be happy, thrilled, excited or amazed to hear that the Audi R7 Sportback RS7 features, like we subtly let on, a V8 twin-turbo engine with a capacity of 552 bhp. This is quite amazing for a road car, and we know that there are other cars sporting a lot more horsepower, but we’re talking about a massive, luxury comfort car here folks, one with all options included and which probably weighs somewhere around two tons. Manufacturers say it can reach 62mph in just about 3.9 seconds, and with all the right options, a maximum speed of 189 mph. This is quite impressive for such a car, especially since it is the type of car owned by people who can afford it and who aren’t that interested in breaking speed records. Yet just knowing you’re sitting on all that power is enough to send shivers down your spine and hype you with adrenaline.

Audi Sportback RS7 Audi Sportback RS7 picture

Moreover, other car reviews and test drives have said that the Audi R7 Sportback RS7 was built to make driving easier; a beginner or novice will enjoy all the “idiot-proof” features which, without meaning to offend anyone, are actually there to make driving not only less stressful, but safer as well. And isn’t this what we should mostly expect from a car? For example, if you change speeds too soon or too late, if you step on the brakes when you shouldn’t or not enough, the Audi makes it seem for the other drivers like you really know what you’re doing, and it keeps running smoothly. It counteracts your bad commands and keeps you safe. Basically, if you can afford it, this Audi gives you driving lessons.

This doesn’t mean however that the car is excellent in handling and steering; in fact, it is not in this year’s top for maneuverability; for example, experts who’ve analyzed the car say it’s more recommendable for future owners to stick to the standard air suspension instead of paying extra for the Dynamic Ride Control, which can seem like anything else but control on your part. And if you want some extra options, better to spend them on the carbon ceramic brakes, the best braking technology so far. Less expensive than its BMW counterpart, the Audi R7 Sportback RS7 seems to have quite a few disadvantages, depending on how you look at things.

All in all, this is of course a good car, and finding cracks in the shell is for nitpickers and those who don’t have their budget in mind when choosing a new car, but rather how they will look behind the wheel.

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