Dynojet Power Commander V Review

Dynojet is a popular name for motorcycle lovers. For more than 40 years, this company has been producing top quality fuel management systems. The most popular Dynojet Power Commanders are the ones from the power commander fuel injection management module series. Nonetheless, their latest model, Dynojet Power Commander V has many improvements, compared to the older models, such as the auto-tune, which adjusts the air-fuel ratio. The goal of Dynojet products has always been to increase the performance, and to optimize the ratio between the available power and the power curve, and from this point of view, the PCV does not disappoint.

Dynojet Power Commander V Review Picture Dynojet Power Commander V Review Picture

Main features

The small V model is less the size of PCIII. The USB can easily be powered from the computer, without needing a 9 volt adapter, like older models did. The product does not include a map switch, but it does feature a built-in 2 position map switching option. It also has a gear input function which allows for map adjustment according to the gear and the speed. When you connect the gear position input, the Dynojet Power Commander V can let each cylinder and each gear to be mapped individually. You can also install a 0-5 volt sensor if you want to create an adjustment table with its own input. This can be useful for boost or temperature. The PCV also features 10 throttle position columns and it has a -100/+250% fuel change range. This is a significant upgrade from -100/+100%, and it is particularly useful for motorcycles with 8 injectors. Last but not least, it features increased adjustment and sensitivity ranges.

Additional options

For select twin cylinder optioned, you can opt for the PCV with Built-in Ignition control, which allows you to better control the fuel deliver as well as the timing. It basically combines the benefits of the PCV with those of the Ignition Module 5. This option has all the basic features of the classic PCV, with a few added benefits such as a +/- 20 degrees timing adjustment, adjusted timing per cylinder, map switch input and a built in Launch limiter. For select models, you can also raise your Rev Limit.

For forced induction applications, you can opt for the PCV-PTi, which features a Bosch 3 bar MAP/Temp sensor. This allows for a few more extended features such as the option of modifying the fuel curve according to a boost and/or a temperature table.

Last but not least, you have the ability to control the PCV directly from your smartphone, with the aid of the Dynojet C3 app. The app has many interesting functions such as the ability to download maps or to manage the PCV features. To use the app, you must connect your phone to the PCV with a USB cable.

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