Selling your vehicle online-useful guide


Selling your vehicle online might seem a risky decision but as long as you know how to protect yourself against fraudsters and dodgy buyers, the process will be quite simple and convenient. Start a detailed research. Check the market and see what type of models are the most popular and their prices. This will help you determine if what chances you have to make the sale. Preserve a positive attitude, be open towards serious buyers and follow the steps below.

Selling your vehicle online-useful guide

Prepare the vehicle

Ask yourself: will someone be interested to buy my car? The answer is that nobody will take a second look at a visually unappealing car so you have to make sure that you clean it thoroughly before listing it for sale. Throw everything that lies around the interior of the vehicle and do not neglect areas like engine bay, boot and door openings. Use a spray to get rid of any unpleasant smell then move on to the exterior. Wash and polish the windows, wheels and the stainless trim. You can contact a professional for a detailed inspection if you consider necessary and take care of any low-cost repairs.

Establish the price

Now that your vehicle is clean, it probably even looks more expensive. You know where this is going, the next step is to establish the price and it demands a lot of research because you need to find out the real value of the car, according to model, condition, mileage and other aspects.   Obviously, you cannot put a dazzling price that will scare away any potential buyer but you cannot sell your vehicle for a lower price than it deserves either. The smartest choice is to establish a competitive price. Remember that many people will attempt to negotiate.

Description and photos

People need to see exactly what they will purchase meaning that you have to add plenty of photos and include a full description. In terms of writing, you have to be precise but concise regarding vehicle details like model and year of manufacture, performance, features and conditions. Do not try to hide imperfections. Review the description to avoid any spell mistakes and make sure that everyone will understand it. When it comes to pictures, the more the better is the basic principle. Make sure to obtain clear images from different angles and distances then place them in a logical order on the website.

Responsive and communicative

After you complete the steps mentioned above, all you have to do is wait. Take any call and answer to any email sent from a potential buyer. Now, your job is to make the sale and you have to show availability. Moreover, you have to be ready to answer various questions without lying or trying to hide the truth because you might cause future issues after the person in question makes the purchase and notices that something is wrong with the car. Provide information concerning the delivery time and send a notification to know you sent the vehicle. Be polite and thank him at the end of the process.

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