The Awe-Inspiring Equus Bass 770

Some of the most appreciated cars in the world, and in all automotive history, are those unforgettable vintage American power cars like Mustang, Cadillac or Dodge. Car aficionados and collectors love finding these cars and reconditioning them, adapting them to modern technology and getting what they call a true driving experience. For those who don’t know, most American cars have automatic gear shifts, and those with manual gear, or “a stick”, are generally preferred only by those who are truly passionate about driving and muscle cars. In order to answer that need and play on that melancholy, the brand Equus launches a new line of cars borrowing from those 1960s and 70s car designs. The result: Equus Bass 770.

Equus Bass 770 Equus Bass 770 picture

The Equus Bass 770 is a sleek muscle car, some would say a luxury car which, as you can see from the photos, looks almost exactly like a Mustang. Even the brand’s logo is a horse, but we’re not gonna hold a grudge for that because the symbolism is more than appropriate. Muscle and horsepower is one of the major characteristics of this car, and car lovers will appreciate it too comes with a stick gear. If you can imagine Superman on steroids, this would be it. It may look like Superman, but it has double the strength and triple the excitement. The carcass, the beautiful amazing carcass of this Equus is made from aluminum, and the lines are a bit more aerodynamic than on older Mustangs. A difference can definitely be seen at the front, which is much sleeker and subtle; the light material adds to that aerodynamics, but we suspect it’s other elements that make this a great new car.

The makers of the Equus Bass 770 – which has yet to be officially launched and available in stores – claim that their car can reach 62 mph in just 3.4 seconds. Well what’s under that sexy hood? A 6.2 liter LS9 V8 engine identical to the one in the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. This baby is endowed with 640 b.hp. and can reach 605 lb.ft. of torque. There aren’t the only characteristics which make the Bass fast and furious like a Ferrari; its makers gave it some carbon ceramic brakes as well, together with a magnetic suspension system and even a double clutch gearbox. Pedestrians, watch out!

Equus Bass 770 Equus Bass 770 picture

Nevertheless, the Equus Bass 770 will not, like we said, be available for sale until next year in 2014, at the steep price of only £156,000. Well, that shouldn’t seem too expensive to those who are all for the uniqueness of experience and the love of speed. This car will definitely satisfy the most pretentious of drivers, and its customized leather interior with full modern controls and options seems like a pleasure to use and surround yourself with. All in all, the Equus promises to be a phenomenon, but it remains to see whether it will make a good impression at auto shows around the world.

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