The Lotus Exige S

Lotus may not be one of the best automotive brands on the market, but they do manage to make some interesting cars from time to time. And although we haven’t heard much from them in recent times, looks like they were preparing a surprise, which manifested itself under the form of the new Lotus Exige S. Before Lotus fans get too excited, they should know that this new model is not so different from the coupe, and it maintained some of the more important elements that we saw there.

Lotus Exige S Lotus Exige S picture

In fact, the Lotus Exige S is not even as powerful as the coupe; it has the same 3.5 liter supercharged V6 engine, and even the same bonded aluminum chassis. In all honesty, why should they fix something that’s not broken? One of the first differences that you will notice about this new model however is the roof; the metal one was replaced with a roll-up canvas, which allows you to turn the car into a convertible. Nevertheless, some of you will be disappointed to find out that the Exige S is slower than the couple, with almost 27 mph less. Thus, it can reach a maximum speed of 145 mph, which is still pretty fast and could even be too much for the regular driver.

We must admit that we’ve sort of downplayed the qualities of the Lotus Exige S Roadster, and that the manufacturers did bring several improvements on the model. For example, the rear wing was left out this time, because on previous models it only disrupted air flow; the design lines are generally softer, and so are the suspensions, but the car is still quite responsive and powerful, so drivers should be careful when handling it.

Lotus Exige S Lotus Exige S picture

Drive tests with the Lotus Exige S have shown that the car can really handle itself even on higher speeds, so it’s the driver who must be careful and attentive. The Exige responds quickly to commands, so it’s a pleasure to drive, although the passengers may not have such a good time as the driver. It can reach 62 mph in 3.8 seconds and fortunately, it has almost the same price as the Coupe. This isn’t the only reason why it’s affordable, because it the price was already quite acceptable for what this car is offering. The Exige is a spunky little car, which energetic drivers will love to take for a spin; it has a great design and a great interior, making the driving experience a unique one.

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