Volvo Concept Coupe – When Dreams Become Reality

When it comes to impressive cars, Volvo isn’t always on the top list, but this year it looks like they were deserving of praise all around. A Swedish car manufacturer, Volvo makes quality cars, usually the kind of car you invest in for the long term, and which helps you do necessary mundane chores, such as going to work daily, or shopping. Yet the new Volvo Concept Coupe is a totally different deal, it is a mesmerizing appearance that catches the eye and may cause severe envy. What’s interesting however, is how the public reacted to this car; it is well-known that concept cars rarely make it to the production line, and they are usually the manufacturer’s way of showing how advanced their technology is, and how qualitative the manufacture. Usually, elements from the concept car are reiterated in mass production cars, but not entirely.

Volvo Concept Coupe Volvo Concept Coupe picture

It was precisely the public’s reactions that convinced Volvo to consider putting the Volvo Concept Coupe on the production line, albeit in limited numbers. One reason would probably be the high production costs, and the difficulties involved in building such a great car over and over again; so even though just a few special people will get to afford and drive the car, at least we’re going to be seeing it on the streets and experience that severe envy ourselves. Where exterior design is concerned, this Volvo has borrowed here and there from the P1800, and it even resembles the new BMW and Porsche, especially since it too benefits from a hybrid drivetrain. Indeed, this is a hybrid car, and cars like this are becoming more and more popular, and people seem to embrace the idea of alternative energy and fuels.

Under the hood, the Volvo Concept Coupe for 2013 is equipped with a 2.0-liter supercharged and turbocharged engine, complemented by an electric motor; these fortuitous combinations confer the car some 400 horsepower at 490 lb.ft. of torque – enough to make anyone feel like they’re traveling at the speed of light. So far, there is no other information regarding the coupe’s performance, but you can just imagine what miracles are possible with such a well-equipped car.

Volvo Concept Coupe Volvo Concept Coupe picture

Since the mass production news is still just a rumor, there is also talk that the retail cars won’t have exactly the same options as the Volvo Concept Coupe; it is possible that the electric motor be weaker, or the hybrid system generally less impressive than for the showroom car. Whether or not this will happen, the car will still be a sight to see, and a lot of people are probably already making plans to purchase it immediately as it becomes available.

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